Wicked t-shirt Wednesday!

ZOMBIES are coming and they’re made out of LEGO! Hey, will you be seeing the new LEGO movie when it hits theaters in 2014? Don’t know if it will have any zombies in it, but it’s got Morgan Freeman, so, you know, awesome.

“Danger Zombies” official LEGO minifigs kids t-shirt is available right now from ThinkGeek.com for $12.99.

"Danger: Zombies" from ThinkGeek.com

“Danger: Zombies” from ThinkGeek.com


Thanks to “Star Wars” I was Freshly Pressed

Last week I received a cheery email from WordPress.com telling me that one of my blog posts at SciFi4Me.com (where I am a contributing writer and cross-post my sci-fi stuff) had been chosen for promotion on the Freshly Pressed section of WordPress.com.

WordPress.com picks 19 new blog posts to feature on its Freshly Pressed home page every day, but this was my first time and thus a totally new experience.

My article went live the very first day I attended the “Star Wars” convention in Orlando. While waiting in line to see Mark Hamill onstage I checked my email, and that’s when I discovered that my InBox was exploding with comments. Wow!

ThinkGeek’s very own spokesmonkey Timmy (dressed as Yoda, of course!) posing with me at Star Wars Celebration VI.

I was treated to a day of unprecedented traffic, and received many wonderful comments from “Star Wars” fans who’d read my article and wanted to share their own feelings about the original movie or the “Star Wars” franchise.

Some wrote about watching the film as a small child, others about what it means to them to share their love of “Star Wars” with their own kids now. Some talked about their carefully preserved vintage memorabilia, or attempting that incredible Leia “cinnamon bun hairdo,” and one lovely lady revealed that she and her husband had met playing the Star Wars Galaxies role-playing game.

That so many folks decided to share — and that I was reading their thoughts while standing amidst thousands of other like-minded fans at my very first “Star Wars” convention – well, it was simply overwhelming.

So I want to say thanks to everyone who got here through Freshly Pressed! It was a beautiful experience to get a little of that “Star Wars” love directed my way temporarily, and it touched my heart to be able to relate to fellow fans over this epic movie that we all love so much.

I’m happy to say that my very first “Star Wars” convention was indeed a blast! I hope you’ll stick around to enjoy my continuing articles this week about some of my crazy adventures (and misadventures!) and what I thought were the best bits of the Star Wars Celebration VI weekend in Orlando, Florida.

By the way, it has been announced that Star Wars Celebration Europe II will be held at the Messe Essen international fair venue, in Essen, Germany on July 26-28, 2013. I think it’s safe to say that European fans will have a blast, too!

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