Wicked t-shirt Wednesday!

Hello, it’s Skull Kitty Wednesday!

You can’t go wrong with “Skull Kitty” by Captain RibMan, available at Redbubble.com. Peruse the Cap’s gigantic portfolio of amusing shirt designs at Redbubble.

Skull Kitty

“Skull Kitty” by Captain Ribman


Wicked t-shirt Wednesday!

This one simply tickles me, right in the funny bone!

“It’s Just A Flesh Wound” Game is yet another wildly amusing design by Captain RibMan, AKA designer/illustrator John Sprengelmeyer, and is available on RedBubble.

Monty Python fans: now you can pretend to be King Arthur on his holy quest for the grail. (As if you didn’t already do that everyday, anyway.)

For more great designs by Captain RibMan, you can visit his website, friend him on Facebook, or follow him on Twitter. To upgrade your status to “stalker,” just do all three.

“It’s Just A Flesh Wound” Game by Captain RibMan

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