Welcome to Designing Geek!

Beginning in 2013, this WordPress blog received a revamp, and changed its name to DesigningGeek.com. This new name is a more accurate description of yours truly, the geeky graphic designer who writes it, and better suggests the pop culture subjects which you will invariably find discussed here.

IDesigning Geek Logo C flat rounded sm began writing this public blog as a way to start a communication with others like myself, inquisitive folks who share an abiding love of our pop culture environment and an interest in those imaginative individuals who create and sustain it. In the year and a half since I started, I’ve managed to pen more than 200 articles containing reviews and news about graphics, TV shows, movies, books, cosplay, animation, museums, film festivals, conventions, and just about anything pop culture-related that has tickled my fancy — from zombies to Twinkies! It’s been a great pleasure sharing these thoughts and reading the often amazing comments they have received.

I am delighted to say that as a result of my efforts here I have since become a contributing writer for SciFi4Me.com, as well as a pop culture examiner for Examiner.com. In fact, this blog has become something of an archive for every pop culture topic about which I write, so that no matter where my articles eventually end up being published you can almost always find them here first.

Jetson Flying carBut migrating to a new blog name will cause some small adjustments for readers. At the end of February, my WordPress domain name will officially cease to be SeshatTravels.org and switch over permanently to DesigningGeek.com. If you subscribe to this blog through WordPress Reader, I should still pop up on your weekly reading list. If you have this blog bookmarked, you may want to edit where that bookmark points, to DesigningGeek.com.

This designing geek hopes that, while waiting for those long-anticipated jetpacks and flying cars to arrive sometime in the future, we will continue to have even more wonderful conversations!


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