Super Bowl blackout sparks bright idea for ‘REVOLUTION’ promo

revoluition_ensembleWhen the Louisiana Superdome unexpectedly lost power soon after the start of the third quarter of the Baltimore Ravens-San Francisco 49ers game, both fans and pundits took to Twitter to express frustration and offer suggestions as to what might be causing the blackout. This chance power outage also inspired the folks behind NBC’s “Revolution” to do a little creative promotion for their fledgling post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama.

First, the official Twitter account for “Revolution” (@NBCRevolution) sent out a “warning”:

Revolution Tweet 1

Followed by a picture of one of the “Revolution” power amulets very familiar to the show’s viewers:

Revolution Tweet 2

Set 15 years in the future, “Revolution” explores what life could be like in a world inexplicably stripped of all electricity, where mankind is forced to adapt to life without computers, cell phones or cars, and the resulting total collapse of government and civil order. Part of the show’s storyline involves characters searching for a few mysterious amulets that can restore power to their powerless world.

Other Twitter pundits were quick to voice their own “Revolution” comparisons as well (even Glen Mazzara, former showrunner for “The Walking Dead,” got into the act):

Revolution Tweet 3

Considering the exorbitant price tag for Super Bowl commercial time (the average 30-second game spot costs $4 million+ these days), this unlikely opportunity for free publicity during such a high-profile event could be viewed as a gift from the gods for “Revolution,” which has been on an extended and potentially apathy-inducing mid-season break for nearly four months and is not due to resume on NBC until March 25.

One can assume that NBC was delighted to take advantage of the 34-minute Super Bowl game delay to remind viewers that “Revolution” would indeed be coming back full force in the spring.

More power to them, I say.


One Response to Super Bowl blackout sparks bright idea for ‘REVOLUTION’ promo

  1. Joe Owens says:

    I like Revolution and want it to continue. I invested a bit of interest in it and hate when a show dies after catching my attention. What an inventiv euse of a distraction within the game. I swear if the 49ers had won i would have had an investigation into what happend because the game seemed to change significantly after the blackout.

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