Wicked t-shirt Wednesday!

This guy knows if you’ve been bad or good, and he’s not afraid to take far more appropriate action than just leaving coal in your stocking.

In the early Christmas traditions of Europe, the Krampus was St. Nicholas’ dark servant — a hairy, horned, supernatural beast with pointed ears and a long, slithering tongue. That jolly old elf St. Nicholas might reward children who’d been good all year with gifts, but misbehaving moppets lived in fear of being visited by the Krampus, who was said to stuff naughty kiddies into his sack and carry them off to his lair, presumably for his own special version of Christmas dinner.

And you thought that Christmas was all sugarplums and mistletoe, didn’t you? Ha! “The Krampus terrorized the bad until they promised to be good,” says author Monte Beauchamp in his jolly Yuletide publication, “Krampus: The Devil of Christmas.” This 200-page book illuminates the “dark side” of Christmas with nearly 200 reproductions of posters, drawings, and post cards illustrating the Krampus rattling rusty chains and waving his birch twig switches at misbehavers. What a fun guy!

This week’s “Wicked t-shirt Wednesday” design is Greetings from Krampus! by Missmonster (Melita Curphy) at ShirtWoot! (Oops, it’s temporarily unavailable just now due to high demand and the need to fill existing orders for that holly jolly holiday coming up, but check back later, they’ll start taking orders again soon).

In the meantime, go check out Melita Curphy’s online gallery. I dare ya! It’s scarily good, I promise.

Extra-special thanks go out to Jim DeSantis of MovieBrainRot.com for pointing me towards the Krampus! I’m going to go clean my room and pick up all of my toys right now, just in case.


Greetings from Krampus!” by Missmonster


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