Wicked t-shirt Wednesday!

Because I had such a blast at the Star Wars Celebration VI convention in Orlando last weekend, I find myself still in a “Star Wars” frame of mind today. Thus this week you get “Stormtrooper Fields Forever” by artist James Hance as my Wicked t-shirt Wednesday selection.

Although currently unavailable for purchase, this t-shirt design is just too cool not to share! It seems inevitable that I must now friend this artistic Brit on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, and begin reading his Tumblr blog to find out if and when this design may come back on the market.

Hance’s bio reads, “Born in England at a very young age, escaped to Florida a few years ago. Likes Muppets, coffee, pie, good music, bad movies and q-tips. Self taught, self deprecating, writes books, draws pictures, absolutely in love with life.”

Coincidentally, this artist is yet another denizen of the Sunshine state! (That’s where all the really cool kids play, dontcha know?)

“Stormtrooper Fields Forever” by James Hance


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