Star Wars Celebration VI: George Lucas drops by

Director George Lucas makes a surprise guest appearance at Star Wars Celebration VI. Credit: Banks Lee/Orlando Attractions Magazine

If a roomful of chirping and spinning R2-D2’s and a Slave Girl Leia around practically every corner were not enough to dazzle fans, Saturday’s surprise appearance of George Lucas at the Star Wars Celebration VI convention in Orlando, Florida certainly was.

Famed director George Lucas makes a brief appearance as an animated version of himself in Star Wars Detours. Credit: Lucasfilm

Although not officially part of this year’s program, Lucas dropped by to take part in the “Super Secret Star Wars Panel with Todd, Seth and Matt,” a session hosted by “Robot Chicken’s” Todd Grimes, Matt Senreich and Seth Green to announce the launch of “Star Wars Detours,” their new animated Star Wars comedy series.

Shocked and delighted audience members gave Lucas a standing ovation and enjoyed his brief chat and antics with the comedians, who seemed just as tickled to see him on stage as the fans did.

“Star Wars Detours” is an animated comedy that features the voices of Ahmed Best, Anthony Daniels, Felicia Day, Donald Faison, Billy Dee Williams, “Weird” Al Yankovic and co-creator Seth Green. Director Lucas has even voiced an animated version of himself for a cameo the new show. Critics’ reviews may be mixed, but Saturday’s convention audience was totally enthusiastic for the series and its stars.

Although not every day thus far has held quite the surprise of a visit from the chief executive of Lucasfilm, there’s certainly been more than enough happening to please devotees and general fans alike during the first three days of this convention. There’s still one more jam-packed day to go, and then reports will follow covering some of the convention highlights and what it was like to experience the magic of Star Wars Celebration VI.


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