Wicked t-shirt Wednesday!

Sorry this is a bit late — just call this post Wicked t-shirt Wednesday plus one!

This week I offer for your viewing pleasure two incredible legends rolled into one. Here’s “Calvin: The Spiffy Spaceman” (as if our beloved Calvin and Hobbes by cartoonist Bill Watterson were illustrated by the fantasy and science fiction artist Frank Frazetta).

This awesome imagining was created by Captain RibMan, AKA the multi-talented designer/illustrator John Sprengelmeyer. You can visit John on his website, friend him on Facebook, or follow him on Twitter. Or you can do all three, like me!

And for those folks out there pining for ANY news of the elusive Bill Watterson, here’s the scoop on his involvement in “Stripped: The Comic Documentary” documentary project now in the works by film-maker Fred Schroeder and webcomic creator Dave Kellett of Small Fish Studios.

“Calvin: The Spiffy Spaceman” by Captain RibMan is available on Redbubble.


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