BEING HUMAN (UK): Puppy Love (S4 E6)

Being Human (UK): Puppy Love
Season 4 Episode 6
Writer: John Jackson
Director: Daniel O’Hara

This review contains SPOILERS!

Looking for love in all the wrong places…
Our Honolulu Heights roommates get several visitors this week. Sweet and surely ADHD runaway Allison (Ellie Kendrick) shows up at the diner where the boys work, having tracked down Tom (Michael Socha) through the wolfy transformation video that Cutler (Andrew Gower) planted of him on YouTube. (And we get one more glimpse of the dearly departed George (Russell Tovey) in that brief clip. *sniff*) The bad news: the vid’s gone viral on teh interwebs. The good news: thankfully, most viewers think it’s a fake, and a bad one at that (“FX FAIL”).

"I could help you if you like. This could work both ways, like revision buddies!"

“It’s a war. We’re all soldiers. You’ve got to pick a side.”
A newish werewolf herself, Allison decides to stick around and learn a few useful tips from the more experienced vampire slayer Tom. A geeky romance quickly blossoms between the two, complete with comical musical montage involving stakes and crosses. But gentlemanly Tom guesses rightly that Allison may be a bit on the innocent side, romantically-speaking, and so puts a halt to their love affair before it really gets started. By the end of the episode he’s sadly but wisely sent her home to complete her education (remember, she’s studying law and he does have that thing for barristers…). However, if another season materializes I do hope they bring Allison back, she and Tom together make such an adorable couple!

Why double-dating at a museum is a bad idea: no bar.

“Everything all right? You just seem a little bit…mental.”
Hal (Damien Molony)’s half-century-long dating dry spell has not prepared him for the modern, no-strings attached relationship that lovely new café customer Alex (Kate Bracken) would like. She’s in town on holiday with her family and just looking for a little fun, whereas Hal’s more a years-long courtship and dowry kind of guy. He gets roped into attempting a double date at a museum, but becomes flustered when Alex’s jugular proves a little too enticing and instead chooses to scarper off before taking a nip. Don’t count her out, though, as it looks like Alex may be sticking for a few more eps and a deal of mischief.

"If you touch her, I'll have to touch you. No, not like that."

“He likes action films. Don’t ask.”
Cutler’s best effort to out the werewolves in Wales has not been quite the rousing success that he’d hoped, but that doesn’t mean that he’ll quit trying to find ways to impress the Old Ones once they arrive. (Where the devil ARE those guys, anyway?) His troubles increase when several new vamps show up in town and try to take over. Led by Golda (Amanda Abbington) with comic relief support from her sidekick Kane (Marshall Griffin), these guys appear to mean business, but in the end they are no match for Cutler’s scheming ways. He tricks Tom and Allison into disposing of the two henchmen and ends up gleefully staking Golda himself.

Is it called "vampricide" when one vampire stakes another?

Annie makes one heckuva BIG mistake, and then attempts to correct it as best she can.

“When your time comes, remember: it might not be a good thing you have to do.”
Meanwhile, Annie (Lenora Crichlow) accidentally mistakes cranky next-door neighbor Emrys (Anthony O’Donnell) for a threat to baby Eve, and he ends up head over heels dead. Oops. She promises to help him complete whatever unfinished business he has left here on earth and find his own special door to the afterlife, whatever it takes. As long as it doesn’t involve snogging, that is. And Future Eve (or so we’ve been led to believe…or am I the only one who thinks that maybe this mystery woman ISN’T really Eve?) shows up in the ep’s last seconds to plead with a doubting Annie for help. I think Annie and her new superpowers may somehow play a bigger role in the final two episodes. Wait and see!

Annie gets a big surprise when Future Eve shows up and asks for help.

Although PUPPY LOVE was full of chuckles and even a few outright guffaws, I found myself longing to get back to the darker side of our trio’s natures. Thankfully, the previews for next week indicate that Hal will finally give in to his long-suppressed bloodlust, and supposed Eve from the Future (Gina Bramhill) may have a deal of ‘splainin’ to do before Annie trusts her. With just two episodes left, I’m still hoping that this season of BEING HUMAN will go out with a real bang, and not a whimper.

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3 Responses to BEING HUMAN (UK): Puppy Love (S4 E6)

  1. Jim DeSantis says:

    Jen and I love watching both UK series and now, the completely original American version. Yep, they both have their own identity and path.

    Season one of the US version I thought was an average attempt of something that has already been mastered on BBC, but with season 2 on it’s way, I now see a love for a new cast dealing with different villains but still holding onto that familiar theme of “Fitting in.”

    This episode of the UK version, “Puppy Love” was a good filler for dark things yet to come. We are falling in love with the evil vampire and his cutthroat antics to get to the top of the vamp-food chain.

    Great blog and review.

    • Debbie says:

      I do like Cutler as the Big Bad this season, but I’m rather afraid that he is not slated to last beyond the season finale. I only hope we get someone equally as good at being bad for season 5. 🙂

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