Color me amazed! And delighted. And thankful.

Back in July I designed a couple of t-shirts and had them produced at CafePress for my own personal use. On a whim I opened my own little “shop” there and put up a link here on my Seshat Travels blog. However I was really surprised yesterday when I received a nice check in the mail from CafePress – and thus discovered that people have actually been buying my designs! I went to the site today and there are even more orders waiting to clear, I have even more money waiting for me! Now it’s not exactly a ton of cash, but every little bit helps. Especially every unexpected little bit. 🙂 This new development also makes me think that perhaps I should invest a little time in this artistic direction.

So this is a BIG THANK YOU to all of those folks out there in cyberspace who have been buying Weyland-Yutani t-shirts and Miskatonic University hoodies! If I could HUG all of you, I would. 😀


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