Sometimes I get into these moods where I all I want to watch are obscure little horror films that I have never heard of playing on the Sundance Channel. Which is how I ended up catching the Australian film ACOLYTES (2008). Yes, there’s a serial killer and plenty of blood, but the movie turned out to be more thriller than a horror, at least until the end. Still, it was intriguing and fast-paced enough to keep me glued to the set for all of its 91 minutes.

Michael Dorman, Sebastian Gregory and Hannah Mangan-Lawrence all give very good performances as the three teens involved in more than they realize, while also hiding more than you think at first, and it didn’t hurt that the actor playing the wonderfully scary serial killer in this movie seemed oddly familiar somehow. After a quick check of IMDB, I realized I had just seen Joel Edgerton on the big screen in the recent remake of THE THING (2011), and that he’d also played Uncle Owen in STAR WARS II and III. Talk about an interesting selection of roles!


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