Dream Home (2010)

Just finished watching this nifty little gorefest on the Sundance Channel, which is where I have been happily catching a good amount of Asian horror flicks this past year.


It’s a simple enough story. Woman covets high-rise apartment with magnificent sea view and after scrimping and saving the down payment, gets rebuffed by the greedy sellers when they jack up the price pre-closing in an effort to take advantage of the skyrocketing Hong Kong property market. Desperate to make her childhood dreams of home ownership come true, she resorts to killing off several of her desired building’s neighbors in various gruesome and lovingly photographed ways order to drive property values back down.

A cross between slasher film and “My First Home”, DREAM HOME contains a multitude of bloody deaths, including one seriously disturbing offing involving a heavily pregnant woman. Oh heck, most of the 11 deaths are prettty disturbing, and men as well as women will have plenty of reason to fidget in their seats while watching this delicious little horrorfest.

Scenes of the killings are interlaced with flashback sequences that both explain the killer’s deep-seated motivations and give you an opportunity to feel a little genuine sympathy for her plight now and again. Having been both a homebuyer and a home seller within the preceding 10 years, I could certainly relate to this woman’s strong desire to own property, if not her brutal efforts to get what she wanted by any means necessary! There’s a certain amount of dark humor in this flick as well, enough to make me nod and smile knowingly at the economic conditions that the killer feels have forced her to take matters into her own bloody hands.

In essence, DREAM HOME is violent, excessive, outrageous and ultimately very entertaining, but only if you can stomach the gore. 😉


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