Yes, I know – I am SUCH a Geek

Nothing cries “geekdom” more than posing for a photo with Captain of the Enterprise Jean-Luc Picard himself – except perhaps getting it autographed as well. I may never hear the end of it from my non-scifi-loving friends. 😀

I do hope that the oft-mentioned vacation that Sir Patrick Stewart was so looking forward to starting right after the convention’s end will be a great one, as he certainly earned it by working so hard to please all of his fans this past weekend in Orlando.

And I simply must add that the experience of meeting three incredible icons of film and television within the past three weeks (Stewart, David Warner and Malcolm McDowell) who had all worked together in their youth at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon back in the 1960s, and then having the privilege of listening to them telling hilarious stories about each other and their early acting days, is something I will surely never forget.

Patrick Stewart and yours truly at the Vulcan Events AWAY MISSION: ORLANDO convention


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