Vampire Slayer Kit available

You never know when one of these adorable vampire killing kits is going to come in handy, so you’d better snap it up now! Personally, I’d like to have one just to kill off the whole Twilight franchise, but that may just be me.

Full description available at


2 Responses to Vampire Slayer Kit available

  1. What? You don’t like vampires who eat mountain lion and bear, sparkle and full of teenage angst? Do you prefer the kind that hang out in the Louisiana Bayou? 🙂

    The kit looks like something ideal for Van Helsing.

    • Debbie says:

      I take it you are Team Edward, then? 😉

      My vampire-loving days began with Bram Stoker and ended when Buffy did, the more traditional the princes of darkness, the better! Although I did like the re-boot of Fright Night with Colin Farrell. He was sufficiently evil for me. 😀

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