Defending my iPhone in style

Lookie! I’ve just ensconced my factory reset, rebooted and redoubtable iPhone 4 in its brand spankin’ new Limited Edition Captain America Shield Clip Case! The marvelous Marvel booth had held almost hourly giveaways and contests during the four days of Comic-Con and handed out free swag like there was no tomorrow. Their cheap swag (like t-shirts and posters) was available to anyone and everyone willing to stand in a line, but the contest swag was understandably targeted to the male 18 to 25-year-old market who buy and play the video games Marvel is promoting. As I don’t exactly fit that narrow profile (being female and, well, uh, not 18 by a long shot!), try as I might, I couldn’t get the Marvel guy onstage to award me one of the hundreds of iPhone 4 cases he was showering on the baby-faced fanboys surrounding me. This hardworking promotions fellow, who I’m sure was only following orders, continually ignored me in my Captain America t-shirt and all my correct contest answers in favor of the young ‘uns standing next to me. So frustrating!

My background in advertising has taught me that this is the way the marketing world works, namely, if you are not what the advertiser believes is their product’s target audience then you become virtually invisible to them. But I wasn’t going to let this little fact deter me, I simply stood by patiently and waited until the young fellow right in front of me was handed his free case. When he announced that he couldn’t even use it as he owned an Android phone, and that none of his friends needed it either, I was quick to step in and offer to take it off of his hands for a fraction of what it was worth. Voila! New case for me!

So, my thanks go out not only to the anonymous male fan who perfectly fit the desired demographic but didn’t want the prize, but also to Marvel, who inadvertently gave me one of their coveted $29.99 iPhone cases despite their best efforts not to! 😀 BTW, Marvel, we girls play video games too, ya know. 😉

Now if only I could get my hands on these Earbud Style Marvel Comics Captain America Headphones… 😀


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