Empress of the Galaxy. Yes, that would be ME.

As I was snapping countless silly shots of other Comic-Con fans taking turns sitting in Emperor Palpatine’s Chair flanked by a menacing Stormtrooper and a suitably evil-looking Darth Vader, the guy standing next to me asked if I’d like a shot of myself doing the same.  Handing over my camera to a total stranger in the midst of a crowd of thousands is something with which I’ve never felt really comfortable, and the fellow must have sensed my hesitancy, because he immediately quipped, “Trust the force that flows at Comic-Con, my young Jedi! Your bags and camera will be safe with me.” And indeed, he guarded my swag faithfully and took a couple of great snaps of me doing my best “queen of all I survey” pose as well. Such is the niceness of nerdom!

By the way, this shot makes an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS screensaver for my iPad. 😀


2 Responses to Empress of the Galaxy. Yes, that would be ME.

  1. Jim DeSantis says:

    “Sexy and evil” – You should mail that photo in with your taxes every year to show the government what clout you really have with the Empire.

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