Here at San Diego Comic-Con at last!

Can you feel the excitement? LOL

Have arrived in San Diego at long last! In search of food in the Gaslamp District yesterday afternoon we met dozens of congoers just like ourselves roaming the streets who were feeling the anticipatory buzz of being in San Diego pre-con. We scoped out half a dozen venues that were getting ready for the start of Comic-Con, including an gallery just down the street from the convention center with a wild full-size LEGO® statue of “The Flaming C” created by artist Nathan Sawaya already on display.

COCO-MoCA Presents: The Fine Art of The Flaming C Fan-Art Exhibit, ” looks like a cool place for Conan fans to drop into, as it celebrates O’Brien’s superhero alter ego, and features artwork from fans all over the world. The show includes a green screen where visitors will be able to take a photo with The Flaming C, and a paint-by-numbers art piece completed by gallery visitors. Once it opens, fans can also pick up a poster of The Flaming C, and enter to win prizes! You can check it out at 363 Fifth Ave., Suite 102, San Diego.


2 Responses to Here at San Diego Comic-Con at last!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Have a terrific time! ~~Jennie 🙂

  2. Jim DeSantis says:

    You are with your people. Lead them to geek freedom. Have fun.

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