Into the Fray

Tuesday I’ll be jumping on a plane and heading for my very first Comic Con! Even though I am a lifelong scifi and film fan and survivor of a dozen or so cons over the years, this will be my first visit to the Mecca of all Geekdom known as SDCC. I admit to being psyched at the prospect of juggling 4 full days of panels, seminars, screenings, and all of the anticipated insanity. I’m also happy to be doing a bit of blogging about my adventures on this trip for

My list of must-do’s include panels for DOCTOR WHO, BBC America’s new horror series BEDLAM and the MYTHBUSTERS, plus anything to do with the new CAPTAIN AMERICA and COWBOYS AND ALIENS movies, of course. And the chance to see legends such as Stan Lee, William Shatner, and the entire voice cast of FUTURAMA in person? Priceless! Plus, I’m positively giddy at the prospect of attending “W00tstock” on Thursday night at the Balboa Theatre.

Practically everyone I know has charged me with collecting swag from their favorite show, and I’ve promised to do my very best to snag enough junk to warrant my airline’s “extra bag” charge on the flight home. Keep those fingers crossed for me!


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