As Doctor Who would say, “Geronimo!”

Having cut my teeth on several smaller-sized scifi conventions in the past, I decided that this year it was time to join the big boys and head to San Diego for my first-ever Comic Con. A lifelong scifi fan, I’ve done roughly half a dozen Stargate and Star Trek cons, and even branched out into Horror Film cons this past May, but am still a newbie when it comes to SDCC, which is portentously billed as “the largest comic book and popular arts convention in the world. My interest was piqued last year when I followed the 2010 SDCC insanity on Twitter, and morphed into a burning desire to experience what goes on in San Diego first-hand. So I got my hands on a ticket, coordinated with my roomies, and started some serious planning. One roomie is a first-timer like myself, the other is an experienced SDCC congoer who has worked at SDCC in the past.

In order to prepare myself for this big adventure I absorbed as many online 2010 reports as I could find. In doing so I discovered, much to my chagrin, that I totally qualify as what the original comic book fan base would call a “Second Wave Fan”, or a fan who became involved because of the film, TV show, and multimedia section of the Con. As a graphic designer IRL I am obviously intrigued by the artistic component of the con and look forward to meeting some of the artists themselves, but I am not a comic book/graphic novel reader per se, so whether or not my presence ruins Comic Con for the purists remains debatable.

As the programming schedules have been tantalizingly released daily one at a time, my con-going friends and I have begun outlining our plan of attack on the San Diego Convention Center. Or, I should say, “plans” as our interests vary and the three of us will may end up heading in totally different directions every day! My main goals this year are to shake hands with a few of my scifi idols, snap about a billion photos, catch some interesting panels if at all possible, and just let the general awesomeness that is SDCC overwhelm me!


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