Hello universe!

I have begun the process of transferring my scifi stuff to my new WordPress blog only this morning, and although there have been a few minor bumps and bruises along the way, I am pleased to say that the process has been generally going quite well.

This transition was prompted by a Twitter request from SciFi4Me.com for help with reporting on the San Diego Comic Con. I answered the call and will be attempting to join the ranks of scifi afficionados blogging the minutiae of the 4-day event. Knowing me, this will probably include a large amount of fangirly squeeing and an inordinate amount of posts about food!

To facilitate my expected long-windedness, I decided to open this new WordPress blog and post my SDCC adventures therein. I may even update it with some of my past con exploits if I have the time. However, unlike some of my other blog venues, I am making THIS blog open for public consumption. Warning, warning: if you’ve followed me here from elsewhere, Will Robinson, do keep the fact that this blog is PUBLIC in mind. 😉


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